Our target is to support the growth of your company to the next level. However the required financing is sometimes hard to secure. Indeed the financial markets have changed considerably since the recent crisis and the operating window of traditional banks has decreased. We help you to make your credit application feasible.

We do that by through preparation. Together we analyse your financial information and provide an estimation of possible risks. In this time of recovering markets we have to come prepared.


With a personal approach and careful preparation of a lease proposal you can realise your investments. We are your sparring partner and provide the best available conditions in the market for financing your investment plans.


Leasecontrol can assist you with the application for the following financing products:


Operating lease
  1. You rent the equipment,
  2. Economic risk is with the owner of the equipment (usually the lessor),
  3. You do not capitalize the equipment in your balance sheet,
  4. At the end of the term you either purchase the equipment for its fair market value or you return it to the owner.
Financing lease
  1. You acquire the equipment with the intention of long term usage,
  2. The lease agreement usually covers 75% of the useful life,
  3. The economic risk is with the lessee,
  4. You capitalize the equipment in your balance sheet,
  5. After the agreed rentals and a marginal purchase price have been paid legal title to the equipment passes to the lessee.
Vendor lease

Vendor lease provides trade finance. Vendor lease is intended for suppliers who want to provide their products with the finance to the customers. With the optional leasing solution you can provide a full service package to your customer. You collect the purchase price immediately after delivery and do not incur the risk of non or delayed payment.

Assessment of equipment

An assessment may play an important role towards the completion of a feasible leasing concept. We evaluate the age and the remaining useful life of the equipment. Assume a supplier with a fleet of rental equipment. The equipment has been purchased and paid for while the revenues are earned over time. Sometimes that causes a strain on liquidities. In order to restore your liquidities you may want to consider to sell your portfolio of rental equipment to a leasing company.


In this case we would with you evaluate the age of the equipment, the remaining useful life and the market value today, next year and the following years until the residual value.


We can also do an assessment on microlevel for a specific user of a machine. We refer to the end of a leasing period. In an operating lease the user will have to decide if he wants to continue to use the equipment and if so for what price. For a vivid example we refer to the case of Drukkerij Raddraaier in Best Cases.

Alternative financing


Would you like to reduce your bad debts risk? We can offer you factoring. We provide you with credit by advancing the payment of your invoice. Thus you do not have to apply equity to cover delayed payments by your customers.


In return you pay a limited fee in the form of a small percentage over the invoice. For that fee the provider may take over your receivables management and may even insure your credit risk.

Trade finance

Trade finance is available for your inventories. Generating sales through a dealer channel often requires quite an investment from a manufacturer. To have your product on display in the showroom of a reseller supports sales better than words alone. But that also creates a challenge; who will pay for all those machines.


The reseller cannot install an indefinite number of machines in his showroom and will have to make a selection. Not only due to limited capacity. Often the manufacturer wants at least a partial payment of the equipment on display. Keeping an inventory then quickly becomes an expensive hobby. Here Leasecontrol may facilitate you and your dealers through trade finance.

Mortgage loans

Do you have plans to acquire a new building or construction site or to refurbish your current building? Real estate is often pledged to secure the loan from the financing company. This pledge is often called a mortgage. However real estate may also be subject to a lease. We are eager to support you in this area as well.


Crowd funding is an alternative form of finance originating from the US. Here the general public is invited to generate the amount of the investment. In the US crowdfunding is usually associated with social or cultural investments.


In The Netherlands crowdfunding has become increasingly popular also for finance of commercial projects. Particularly since banks are increasingly shy of entrepreneurial risks. In this area we also provide support and advice when it comes to financing your project.


Are you considering starting a new company or are you already developing one? If finance is an issue we provide support. In addition we cooperate with expert partners for administrative, fiscal and legal issues. Do get in touch and we can help you further.


In addition to our extensive experience in the domestic financing market we also provide services to you and your customers in our neighboring countries across the borders. In Eastern Europe we operate through partners.


Through Leasecontrol you obtain knowledge and experience in finance. For years we have been operating in various markets in the financial world. We still expand and extend our knowledge and would appreciate to share that with you.


Look at the three links to interactive graphs that reflect shifts of the most important currencies, interest rates and of gold.


How we operate

When you come to us for advice or support in finance we go through a number of stages,

1. We provide you with a initial, preliminary proposal,

2. To then move matters forward we arrange a further meeting with you,

3. We analyse your company and your plans, including a review of your financial information,

4. On that basis we create a credit application with a motivation of the necessary facility.

With this careful preparation we optimize your chances financing at the most favourable conditions. We apply general terms and conditions that define the standards of integrity and discretion of our cooperation.

About Us

Berthold Spaans and Arjen Schep are the people behind Leasecontrol. The processing of agricultural products is the market where the knowledge and abilities of Arjen and Berthold meet. For further information about us please look at our Linked-in profiles.


Berthold Spaans

“When I was still with ING Lease (1998-2007) I already studied the packaging industry. Around 2001, under instructions from my then commercial director, I wrote a plan to shift our focus from the printing to the packaging industry.  It is since then that I have been following this market closely. With Leasecontrol I am in a much better position to further develop the market.”


e: berthold@leasecontrol.nl
t: +31 (0)6 – 39 467 467


Arjen Schep

“For years I have been working as a co-owner of a farm equipment supply chain. Now through my own company Schep Business Support I assist farmers and agricultural mechanization companies with their operations. In addition I have a seat on the board of an agricultural lobby group.”



e: arjen@leasecontrol.nl
t: +31 (0)6 – 25 481 829