The Value of a Good Story

Successful financing
for business investments

At Leasecontrol, I arrange the financing of machines for SMEs. I do this based on my knowledge and experience. My highly valued extensive network and well-substantiated business cases.


The entrepreneur in search of credit facility. Who is not familiar with finding the right financing in a constantly changing financing landscape.

Supplier: Manufacturer

The supplier for whom the order is sometimes dependent on financing.


The financier or investor in my network who is looking for safe and attractive investments.


I mainly focus on the food & agri sector, graphic industry, packaging industry and mail order sector (e-commerce).


The challenge with corporate financing is to offer all parties (SMEs, suppliers and financiers) an attractive and/or comfortable perspective. I do this by seeking a solution based on trust that recognizes the different interests and brings them together in a good story. The most important result: the requested financing solution. That provides peace and comfort for all parties.

The role of Leasecontrol

"Entrepreneurs, suppliers and financiers benefit from a successful investment process. Ideal win-win solution."

Berthold Spaans

A wealth of credit analysis

Seeing opportunities
starts with a good story

Between 2000 and 2023, the number of bank branches in the Netherlands fell by 93%. This has made it more difficult for SMEs to obtain credit. Companies do not always have the time, knowledge and network of financiers required for a successful credit application.

As an experienced specialist in guiding business investments, I ensure that the necessary financing is achieved at Leasecontrol. Also with longer delivery times.

Different perspectives

By immersing myself in the customer needs and then finding solutions that works for all stakeholders. Entrepreneurs who do not know their way around the changing financing landscape. Suppliers for whom the order is dependent on financing and who therefore need support from a competent financial intermediary to guide their customers. And my extensive international network of financiers who are looking for safe and attractive investments.

Business case

In an analytical and thorough manner, I assess the story behind the numbers. The life stage of the company. The financial consequences of the investment and its significance for the future of the company. Then I build a solid, well-substantiated business case. A story that connects and serves SMEs, suppliers and financiers. Because seeing opportunities starts with a good story.

The building blocks of a good story

Financing does not just happen. It requires insight and trust. I lay the foundation for this with a thorough, clear business case.

With a wealth of credit analyses, I dare to say that a financing story with a strong plot consists of the following fixed building blocks:

The protagonist

What kind of organization is the credit applicant? How is the company doing and what story lies behind the figures? What is the company’s history and what are its objectives and expectations for the coming years? How is the company organized and what assets do they have?

The challenge

What does the entrepreneur want to invest in? Which supplier is involved and what interests and wishes do they have? How is the supplier’s quotation structured? What will the new machine do for the company? How does the investment pay for itself?

The rescuer

Which financier or investor has a portfolio that suits the loan applicant? What is needed to make a well-considered risk assessment?

The reward

What does the financing provide for the entrepreneur, supplier and financier?

The result is a business case that benefits all(SMEs, suppliers and financiers).



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