Required informaton of a legal entity

Your company is a legal entity:

  • Public limited company (N.V.);
  • Private limited company (B.V.);
  • Foundation;
  • Association;
  • Cooperative;
  • Mutual guarantee society;
  • Denomination;
  • Legal person governed by public law;
  • Organisation performing government tasks;
  • Limited Liability Partnership.

What information do we need to help you further:

  1. This lease proposal signed by you for agreement whereby you indicate (if necessary) which term you prefer;
  2. Legible copies of identity documents of the manager(s);
  3. Excerpt of the trade register;
  4. Most recently published annual accounts;
  5. Provisional financial statements  up to and including the most recent quarter (or trial balance);
  6. In case of a group structure we also need the consolidated annual accounts and an organisation chart.


Your company is a natural person:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General partnership
  • Company;
  • Limited partnership

In addition to the aforementioned information we require:

In case of a sole proprietorship, general partnership or company please supply your most recent income tax returns.