Large International network

From the start, I have been interested in international projects. When I was working for a big real estate finance company, I dealt with a German investor who had purchased an extensive real estate portfolio. This included the Vroom & Dreesmann building in Rozendaal. As the proposal had to be submitted quickly, I remember finalizing the financing exposé in record time.

The international challenge at an affiliated leasing company of the same group, where I later started working was less small in comparison. Then I switched to an American leasing company with an office in Utrecht in 2007. There I had the opportunity to explore the international market again. Although I only worked there for three years, this period formed the basis of my current international network. Many colleagues from this time started their own business in their home countries. As a result, my network grew stronger.

This international network is important to me, because many of the machine suppliers I work with from Leasecontrol are also active internationally.

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